Show and Training Program (Pricing and Show Schedule)

Welcome to Kelly Maddox Training, Inc!


Team KMT welcomes both Amateur and Junior Riders at all levels.  We pride ourselves in keeping our horses impeccably groomed, healthy and loving their jobs.  We provide a training program that uses positive instruction to increase a riders confidence.  Our fun group of riders are competitive at all levels, starting in schooling shows and up to the top of the "A" Circuit!  At Kelly Maddox Training, we are more than a show barn, we are a family!

Basic Care Package​

Cost: $375/month

  • Monday through Saturday Service

  • Turnouts (not including the Big Turnout)​

  • Grooming & Show clips

​(Note: Basic Care does not include boarding).


Full Training Package #1

Cost: $675/month

  • ***Supplies

  • Basic Care

  • Up to 3 of any: Lessons/Rides/Rigs per week.

(Big Turnouts and Lunging are extra)

Full Training Package #2

Cost: $750/month


  • ***Supplies

  • Basic Care

  • Up to 4 of any: Lessons/Trainer Rides/Rigs per week.  (3 lesson max per week)

(Includes 1 Big Turnout or Lunging per week)

Full Training Package #3
Cost: $875/month


  • ***Supplies

  • Basic Care

  • 5 to 6 of any: Lessons/Trainer Rides/Rigs per week.  (3 lesson max per week)

(Includes lunging and Big Turnouts when needed)

***Supplies Included: Tail detangler, fly spray, brushes, hoof treatments, liniments etc.

Additional Charges

  • BOARD is not included in the training packages.  Board at Shiloh West is $800/month and includes stall, cleaning, and unlimited hay 3 times/day.

  • Lessons for Non-training clients-$100

  • Trailer-In fee to Shiloh-$25 day or $50 overnight

  • Commissions on horse sales/leases: 15% of the purchase price, with a $1500 minimum commission.

(Typically, seller pays their trainer and buyer pays theirs)


  • Sunday turnout and grooming service is available for $50/month.


2020 Show Schedule

Coachella Week II/Thermal (A):  Jan 21-26

Coachella Week III/Thermal (A):  Jan 28- Feb 2

Northern Winter Classic/Murieta (A):  Feb 12-16

IEA Regionals/Shiloh West:  Feb 29-March 1

IEA Zones/Murieta:  March 21-22

Paso Welcome/Paso Robles (A):  April 15-19

IEA Nationals/Los Angeles:  April 16-19

Paso Spring/Paso Robles (A):  April 22-26

Rose in May/Paso Robles (B):  May 21-24

Beach Party/Brookside (B):  June 3-7

Tri-Valley Schooling:  June 14

Woodside Circuit Opener/Woodside (A):  June 17-21

Bay Area Summer Fesival/Woodside (A):  June  July 22-26

Tri-Valley Schooling:  Aug 2

Blenheim Summer Classic/San Juan Capistrano (Oaks) (A):  Aug 12-16 CPHA

Blenheim /San Juan Capistrano (Oaks) (A):  Aug 19-22 CPHA Foundation

Silicon Valley Festival/Woodside (A):  Aug 26-30 CPHA Style of Riding

Tri-Valley Schooling:  Sept 6

Strides & Tides/Sonoma (A):  Sept 9-13 JRW

SHP/Sonoma (A):  Sept 16-20 Pickwick/Hermès 

Sac Welcome Week/Murieta (A):  Sept 23-27 NorCal

Fall Festival/Brookside (B):  Oct 1-4 Cloverleaf

Fall Finale/Brookside (B):  Oct 7-11 Zone 10/NorCal Eq Classics

Las Vegas Nationals/Las Vegas (A):  Nov 16-22 WCE

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