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Maddox Family Farm

Family Run. Family Owned. Family Loved.

Our Story

The Maddox Family Farm started as a dream. Kelly and her sister, Kieran, rode together when
they were young and always dreamed of the opportunity to create a barn of their own. With the
help of their brother, Kevin, this dream became reality. At the beginning of 2022 they moved
into the Maddox Family Farm. With lots of help from the barn family, they prepared the facility
for 35 horses to move in. It was an amazing sight! Painting, cleaning, repairing, upgrading and
lots of love was put in to the opening. It was a vision that will never be forgotten.
Currently, Kelly, heads the training portion of the business and oversees all business aspects.
Kelly travels to rated shows around California, Oregon, Nevada and across the country. Kieran
Dulik, wears many hats! She manages our horses care from farrier to the vet to their overall
health and well being. In addition, Kieran manages our IEA Team and the Tri-Valley Classic
Horse Shows that the farm hosts. Ashleigh Culiver, is also a part of the Maddox family and
manages the Riding Academy, Summer Camps and also the introduction of KMT Corporate
Events. Behind the scenes you may see Paul, Kieran’s husband, working around the property.
Paul is our ‘go to guy’ for property maintenance and repairs.
The KMT Family extends beyond direct family. The assistant trainers, Dana Foremsky and
Catie Carlson, help with the daily barn activities. Dana and Catie are not only amazing riders,
but inspire their students to jump to the next level! Dana also manages The Show Closet for the
sales of gently used clothing and Catie manages the yearly Advanced Camp that puts our riders
to work learning everything horsey. KMT loves entrepreneurs! Both Dana and Catie go to
horse shows to help support the show team as well. Paco, Jesus, Miguel and Rene are also on
staff and considered family as they care for our horses. They are simply the best.
At the end of the day, we all look around and still find it hard to believe that our dream became a
reality. Every day, we work hard to make the Maddox Family Farm the best place for our
horses and riders. A place filled with hard work, long days and lots of love.

Meet The Team

Kelly Maddox
Owner / Trainer

Kelly started riding at the age of 7, while living in Japan. Kelly’s family moved every 2-3 years, and with every move, the passion for horses followed. As a young rider, Kelly had the opportunity to learn from many well known trainers, including; Gry and Duncan McFarlane, Victor Hugo-Vidal, Mickey Hayden and several others. Kelly has won multiple Medal Finals and while living in Canada, qualified for The Royal Winter Fair (Comparable to going East in the US). Kelly has been in business out of Shiloh West Equestrian Center since 2003. In this time, Kelly has developed a successful riding academy, leading IEA team, summer camp program, and competitive show stable traveling from coast to coast to reach our goals. Kelly feels that the trainer is the leader of a group of riders and horses and that horsemanship and sportsmanship should be taught and demonstrated by example. With this in mind, Kelly has established a fantastic group of riders that are both supportive of each other and very responsible when it comes to the care of their horses. Kelly’s goal as your trainer: ”To teach you how to think for yourself so that you learn to better understand your horse. Furthermore, to set short and long term goals for each rider and horse, individually. Lastly, to have fun doing what we are all so passionate about…riding our horses, whether it is taking lessons or competing on the A-circuit.”

Kieran Dulik
Barn Manager / Trainer

Kieran began riding at the age of 6, when she begged her mom for lessons. That was the beginning of her lifelong love for horses! Her family moved overseas for several years and she STILL found places to ride, even in Japan! Upon returning to the US, at 14, Kieran finally got her very own horse and never looked back. During her years as a junior rider she competed in the junior hunters (and jumpers), and her favorite, the equitation and medals! Over the years Kieran was lucky enough to ride with lots of outstanding trainers: Lowry Jones, Laura Stern, Hiedi Cowley, Gry McFarlane,

and Victor Hugo-Vidal...Just to name a few!

In later years, Kieran's growing family settled down in Northwest Indiana where her three kids grew up. Her girls, also horse lovers, began riding and showing under her guidance. There were not a lot of trainers close by to help coach her girls, so she opened Castle Heart Farms over 18 years ago to train and coach riders of all ages. Definitely a family operation! Her riders competed in local and regional rated shows, and each year the team had riders qualifying for medal finals and year end awards.

Coaching others and barn management has always been something she loved to do, and Kelly had been asking her to join Team KMT for a very long bring her experience west. This Fall of 2020, it was the right time to do just that! She now joins our team as the Barn Manager at Team KMT, and we are very excited to have her!

_MG_2087_GrandPix copy.jpg

Dana Foremsky

Dana started riding at the age of 9 in Erie, PA. Shortly following the start of her riding career Dana’s family moved to Topeka, KS where she continued her early career. She attributes her early riding and horsemanship foundation to one of her mentors, Kathy Child at Crooked Post Farm. After competing in the hunters and equitation under Kathy for her first few years, Dana worked with many Midwest based influential trainers including Brandi Holloway, Jane Schweiger, Alex Granato and Teri Knowlton. She then turned her focus solely on the jumper divisions, where she competed throughout the Midwest in the High Junior/Amateur Jumpers as well the Young Jumper Championships, spending many years on the Winter Circuit in both Ocala and Gulfport, MS.

Dana attended the University of Kansas where she studied Journalism and Communication Studies all the while she competed at shows. Upon graduation, Dana took her love for the West Coast and horses to Los Angeles, CA, where she worked in the Events Department at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center.  This is where she met many reputable, area based trainers and landed an Assistant Trainer position under Jim Hagman at Elvenstar. Jim quickly became a very influential mentor, and Dana in turn was offered an exciting Barn Manager/Rider position in Wellington, FL and Lexington, KY under the direction of Kent Farrington. Dana traveled throughout the East Coast, along with a Summer series at the elite Spruce Meadows in Calgary, Alberta.

Upon her return to the states, Dana moved to the Bay Area and worked and competed under Harley & Olivia Brown. Dana’s experience and passion for horses has landed her the Assistant Trainer position at KMT where she works alongside both Kelly Maddox and Kieran Dulik. Dana enjoys working with clients and taking on the role as both rider and trainer, while also remaining focused on advancing her riding, horsemanship skills and experience in KMT’s specialized training program.


Catie Carlson
Assistant Trainer

Catalina (Catie) started her riding career at 5 years old in KMT's riding academy. Since then, she has worked her way through the ranks and competed in the big equitation placing in top medal finals including NorCal Junior and WCE finals. She then transitioned into the jumper ring stepping into the 1.20m's and made her way to the 1.30m. While being an assistant for Team KMT, she has also had working positions with Ned Glynn, Becca Bruce, Kylee Arbuckle, Heather Roades, Jenn Serek and Meredith Herman. Catie is focused on continuing to develop her riding career to Grand Prix and World Cups levels in addition to developing horses. 

Ashleigh Culiver
Riding Academy Manager / Trainer

Ashleigh has been riding ever since she can remember! Not only riding but assisting her trainer/mom with lessons has always been a great joy and fun for her. In her younger career she competed as a junior rider in the pony divisions on her trusty steed "True Magic" or Merlyn. Soon after she moved up to the Children's Hunter Division on their families heart horse, "True Bravado" or Biggie. Here at the Maddox Family Farm we dedicate barns, arenas, etc to horses that have passed in our family. The Riding Academy aisle is dedicated to Biggie, lovingly named "Biggie's Alley".

In later years, Ashleigh graduated college and then married her husband Collin. While living in Indiana after getting married, Ashleigh missed riding and wanted to get back into teaching. Luckily, her aunt Kelly was in search of a Riding Academy Manager and Trainer! Moving all the way across country with two cats is not for the faint of heart, nevertheless, Ashleigh and Collin made the drive and landed at the beginning of 2022!

Teaching for Ashleigh has truly become a passion and she is looking forward to her future with KMT!

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