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KMT Riding Academy

The KMT Riding Academy strives to create a fun, safe, and educational environment for people of all ages to enjoy the world of horses and all the joy they bring.  From grooming and cleaning tack to jumping on horseback, we value every step of the learning process.  


Meet the Team


There is no doubting that the KMT family loves Cupcake! She has the most kissable nose and the wildest mane in the barn. She may be small, but she is mighty! She also loves carrots and apples when she is done with lessons. Trust us when we say, it will be impossible not to fall in love!

unnamed (2).jpg


With nicknames like "Coconut," "Cocoa Butter," and "Cocoa Bean," this horse is loved by everyone here at KMT! He has been with us for many years and we cherish every day with him. He can be lazy, but he loves his job as the "schoolmaster." He loves to be pampered, and he always appreciates carrots and cookies!

unnamed (7).jpg


Yet another special horse...we feel extra lucky to say that Boomer has found a forever home here at the KMT Riding Academy.  He wears his sporty UV protection goggles for every ride! Perfect for our taller kids or adults, he is always willing and happy to do his job. He is a BLAST to jump, with couch-like gaits. Swing by to give this love bug a hug!

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Sullivan is our Riding Academy gentle giant! He is standing tall at 17 hands and is the sweetest boy you will ever meet. He is great for riders that are a little taller, but he is also great for anyone wanting a fun ride!


Grandy may be giant in size standing at 17.2, but he is a tiny loveable pony at heart! This handsome horse is a smooth and super fun ride. He is great truly for any age, and loves to snuggle and give big kisses!



Zuchinni boy is our energizer bunny. Loveable and caring, this cute thoroughbred is ready to teach you patience and technique.


Contact Ashleigh Culiver for an Intro Lesson!

Call with any questions on our Riding Academy, summer camps, etc...


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