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Girl Scout Mini Camp

Our KMT Riding Academy mini camps are filled with horsemanship, horseback riding, and fun! Our goal is for the Girl Scouts to truly learn what it takes to take care for and ride a horse. 


Each mini camp will be customized to each size troop in regards to timeframe. Contact Ashleigh Culiver for more information on booking your very own mini camp!



Phone: 925-344-6065


Mini Camp Information

These engaging and fun mini camps are only $75 per Girl Scout! This includes learning all requirements for your badge.

(Lesson plan based off of Girl Scout Handbook)

1. Know the basics of horseback riding

  • We will show you the ins and outs of basic horse care including grooming, safety, riding and much more!!

2. Take care of a horse and learn about safety

  • We will show each Scout how to properly groom and clean a horse (brushing, picking out hooves, curry combing, main and tail care etc...)

  • Learn how to lead the horse safely to the cross ties 

  • We will show each Scout how to interact with the horse safely and effectively

  • Each scout will also receive instruction on proper barn etiquette      (For example: No running in the aisles)

3. Prepare for your ride

  • We will teach each Scout what gear to wear and how to determine if a helmet fits correctly

  • They will learn the verbiage for all of the tack that goes on the horse (saddle, bridal, girth, etc...)

4. Practice your ride

  • Each scout will learn how to properly adjust the stirrup length for your height

  • How to mount the horse safely

  • Learning how to halt the horse

  • Learning how to use our heels to make the horse walk on

5. Go for a ride 

  • This portion will include practicing and allowing the scouts to independently perform the learned skills and ask questions!

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