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Finding great matches between riders and horses is a priority at Kelly Maddox Training.  We feel that every rider has a style and feel that fits a different horse.  Taking the time to find good matches between horse and rider is vital in building rider confidence.  It is critical that horse and rider have a positive relationship to become a successful team.

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Kiera Hennigan & Acortair
(KMT Amateur Rider)
Since I moved to KMT in 2012 I have grown tremendously as a rider and more importantly as a person. KMT has a positive and welcoming environment that inspires people of every age to pursue their love of horses. Personally, Team KMT has educated me from a young junior rider learning the basics to being extremely competitive as an amateur. The trainers constantly strive to make KMT feel like a family, whether it is sending out weekly updates to inform everyone on what is new or trying to incorporate clinics and activities to keep the barn interesting. Whether you are a part of the incredible IEA team, competing competitively at an A-rated level, attending our schooling shows, or simply learning the basics at the riding academy, Kelly truly aims to make everyone feel included. She is not only a wonderful and thoughtful trainer who seeks to make every experience a positive one, but a truly inspiring role-model and leader. 
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Sally Cristiano

Mom of Alexis Cristiano

(pictured with Stoneridge)

My daughter Alexis started in Kelly’s training program about 13 years ago when she was 10 years old. Kelly has always been a wonderful role model for my daughter.  Under her leadership and guidance, Alexis became a confident rider and, perhaps more importantly, developed a strong work ethic that allowed her to perform better both as an athlete and in school. Kelly has done a fantastic job in creating a family-like environment at the barn, which over the years has served as my daughter’s second home. It was comforting to know that our horses were always receiving the best of care from Kelly and her staff. Alexis and I are so grateful to be a part of this big barn family!

Terezia Nemeth


Clara Gibson


KMT is not just a gorgeous family-run Equestrian training facility with a cadre of fantastic, experienced trainers - it has become our family’s local oasis - a welcome respite from the bustle of urban life. Most importantly - Kelly, Kieran, Dana, Ashleigh and Catie have become extended family to our daughter - serving as trainers, coaches, adult friends/advisors, and role models as she navigates life as a teen while developing her technical horsemanship knowledge and riding skills. 


At first, I wanted to join KMT because of the great community environment at the barn. 

Since joining - I appreciate all that KMT offers to help me grow as a rider and a well rounded Equestrian. KMT provides me with a variety of opportunities such as great Clinics, lots of show opportunities, a great IEA team and Coach, an annual Advanced Camp and weekly well structured lessons that help me improve my skills. If you want to be apart of a community of friends and horses KMT is the perfect place  

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