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2024 Show Schedule


Feb. 26th - March 10th : Palm Dessert

April 10th - April 14th: Paso Welcome

May 23rd - May 26th: Otter Be There

May 26th - June 2nd: HMI Eq. Challenge

June 12 - June 23rd: Woodside Classic 1 & 2

July 3rd - July 7th: HMI Kindness Classic

July 24th - July 28th: SHP Summer Classic

July 31st - Aug. 4th: Giant Steps Charity

Aug. 21st - Aug. 25th: Silicon Valley Fest.

Sept. 11th - Sept. 15th: Blenheim Fall Fest.

Sept. 25th - Sept. 29th: Sac. INT'L Welcome

Oct. 2nd - Oct. 6th: Sac. INT'L World  Cup

Oct. 10 - Oct. 13th: Penn. National (Dover Finals

Oct. 16th - Oct. 20th: Temecula Jumper Champ.

Nov. 4th - Nov. 10th: Sunshine Series

Nov. 11th - Nov. 17th: Las Vegas National (WCE & USHJA Finals)

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